Case sealer efficiency

Case Study: Pet Food Company Adopts a Better Case Sealer

When a pet food company’s current packaging line equipment could no longer handle their needs, they turned to Raab Sales for our stellar production equipment distribution services.

As so often happens, a change requested by the higher-ups created a challenge for the company’s production facility. The case sealer the facility used at the time was incompatible with the requested change, so they had to procure new equipment. With a demand for high output — and strong expectations for quality in their product — all throughout the supply chain, the production facility had to find packaging equipment that could meet their current output rate while accommodating the new packaging request in order to facilitate the brand refresh.

Learn more about how Raab Sales helped the pet food company find the perfect breed of packaging equipment suited to their pedigree by reading on.

Case study customer service

Case Study: Raab to the Rescue

During the course of regular business, we do not typically encounter situations where the outcome could cost a client tens of thousands of dollars in just a few hours. These situations also usually do not happen the day after our nation’s birthday, when many people are out on long vacations that can make coordinating with accounts much more difficult.

Yet, when these situations arise, having them handled calmly and efficiently can feel like nothing short of a miracle. This was the case when one of our clients phoned in on July 5th with a serious crisis. The situation had the potential to seriously affect their production and earnings as the result of a production facility shutdown. 

Variable label data

Variable Data Printing, Digital Labels, and the Future of Mass Personalization

Consumers have entered a futuristic age of product labeling, and they don’t even see it. Then again, not seeing it is the point.

New labeling technology from companies like Digimarc and HP embeds digitally scannable marks onto labels that are all but invisible to the naked eye. These marks can provide product ID with deeper functionality than UPC barcodes, including enabling supply chain management at the item level.

Matthews eMark ECO Laser

Matthews Releases eMark ECO Laser – Perfect for Contract Packagers

A new CO2 laser product from Matthews provides the flexibility that small and medium contract packaging companies need to satisfy their diverse portfolios of clients. Compact, efficient, and with a coding system that requires no ink or thermal materials, the new Matthews eMark ECO Laser coding line offers a low cost-of-ownership along with many convenient features.

The system’s 10-watt, CO2-based delivery system makes it perfect for coding paper-based packaging and labels. Laser coding systems are well-known for their fast throughput and highly legible, accurate permanent markings that have no risk of smearing or striping. An inkless delivery system also increases throw distances while completely eliminating the processing line interruptions that come from exchanging cartridges.

fertilizer case study

Raab Case Study: Helping a Fertilizer Company Grow Their Production Capacity

Sometimes, having the right equipment on just one production line can create a profound ripple effect that ends up benefiting an entire company.

This was the case with a fertilizer manufacturer company in Missouri that was having issues with a coding and marking line in their packaging plant. Their existing thermal inkjet printing systems would create bottlenecks in production while contributing greatly to the number of defective packaging. In addition, a complete lack of user interface caused the company to rely heavily upon service calls, which increased costs and dragged out downtimes as line supervisors waited for a technician.

Replacing the company’s coding system with a continuous inkjet printing system from Raab Sales helped to alleviate all of these pain points while increasing production speed and helping lower costs — all from a simple purchase. Learn more about how our specialized package marking systems helped our client and how they could help you by reading on.

Foxjet Launches New 384e Pro Series Printhead for Package Marking, Labeling, Coding

Foxjet has once again outdone themselves as the makers of some of the best printhead technology for packaging, labeling, and coding.

Their widely popular 384 series has evolved, leading to the new 384e “enhanced” version of the product. Every Foxjet 384e Pro Series printhead shares almost identical dimensions with the older version of the product, allowing process lines to change over to the newer, more-efficient printheads without having to replace brackets or alter their process line design.

You can learn more about the features and advantages the 384e series adds on as well as the great things the original 384 printheads offered by reading on.

Squid CoPilot 128

Squid CoPilot 128 Pitches Perfect Price Point for Hi-Resolution Printing

Manufacturers looking for the perfect solution to a production line requiring high-resolution printing up to 1.8 cm (0.7”) high can find it in the Squid Ink CoPilot 128 model. It offers a range of advanced features and scalable capabilities at a competitive price point, making it an amazingly versatile system that can meet a wide range of production needs.