high five tour for wounded warrior family support mustang club of kc

Raab Assists Wounded Warriors Family Support High Five Tour

Our company president Mark Raab was able to help out families of U.S. military veterans through a unique experience this past summer. As a member of the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City, Mark had the pleasure of accompanying the flagship car for the Wounded Warriors Family Support organization’s High Five Tour. WWFS’s annual High Five Tour picks a special vehicle to adorn in themed livery and tour throughout the country. The tour raises awareness and funds for families of military veterans who were wounded or killed in the line of duty.

Last year’s vehicle was a special 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 edition wrapped in Stars & Stripes graphics and sporting a purple heart medal on its hood as a badge of pride. The vehicle symbolizes Power, Freedom, and Independence — all qualities our veterans help provide to the United States, and qualities the WWFS hopes to give back to veterans and their families through their donations.

Learn more about Mark’s special experience, and how WWFS makes a real difference in the lives of veterans and their families by reading on.

service technician making onsite production evaluation

Why Modern Production Equipment Solutions Demand Personalized Service

Modern production has evolved to the point where each manufacturing facility is a highly specialized environment. Maximum output is the aim, and American manufacturers are doing more with less than ever before. Adjusted for inflation, the GDP per capita in the U.S. rose 300% from 1960 to 2017. Durable goods manufacturers have also raised output per worker by 166% since 1987.

These changes have as much to do with tenacity as they do technology. Manufacturers demand more of their facilities, and any downtimes or inefficiencies amplify wasted costs. Production equipment must therefore always be 100% tailor-fit to its environment. The number of workers, the process line environment, and even the exterior environment of the facility must all be taken into account.

The growing need for unique production equipment solutions that fit their unique environment has prompted Raab Sales to become problem-solving experts. Our consultations take into account complex factors that a less service-oriented equipment distributor would overlook. By strategizing with our clients and determining optimal solutions to fit their needs, we ensure that their specialized production is more reliable and efficient than ever.

Read on for an example of how one technician’s innovation was able to assist a particular customer with their unique challenge, helping them get more out of their equipment and avoid downtimes.

Raab Sales has excellent customer service

Three Ways Raab Customer Service Helps You Do More, Faster

Speed is everything in manufacturing. Even a slight slowdown can cause a ripple effect that affects everyone in the company. Maximum output during the production schedule is considered the norm, not a nice-to-have.

In this must-keep-up world of production, manufacturers cannot afford to have equipment that slows them down with maintenance issues, unreliability, inflexibility, slow output, and unwieldy or too-frequent consumable replacement. They need a production equipment distribution company that can not only supply equipment that fixes all of these pain points, but does so at the speed of modern business.