4 Inkjet Printer Features That Can Help Your Company Thrive

When weighing their options for buying inkjet printers for sale, Lenexa businesses and other companies in our region have to consider what features will most readily promote their success. Since inkjet printer technology has advanced so far, and units are available for more specialized applications than ever, navigating the options can prove tough.

To make your selection of an industrial inkjet printer model easier, keep an eye out for these handy and hi-tech features. They can reduce downtimes, lower production costs, allow for seamless changeovers, and more, all while providing excellent quality and clear marks for all of your industrial packaging, marking, labeling, and coding needs.

Intuitive Touchscreen Control Units

Touchscreen control units have arguably had the single biggest impact on how inkjet printers are used within their environments. Rather than counting on esoteric relay logic or distant computer stations relying on patched-in control support, users can quickly and easily select jobs, modify them, change out requests, and monitor performance – all at a glance. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) displays also reduce the amount of mistakes that lead to wasted materials, reprints, and setbacks that hamstring overall throughput averages.

Nearly every major inkjet printer manufacturer out there offers some form of touchscreen controller compatibility these days, but stand-alone controllers like those offered by the FoxJet Marksman Elite line have some of the deepest features and reliability. They also allow coordination between multiple print heads – up to four – giving your marking, labeling, and coding line unprecedented power over your results.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing allows for your print jobs to be connected to a database so that each printing can be unique and custom-suited to the situation. Since every single printing can be changed without the need for manual control, tasks like printing unique carton labels for each retail brand recipient or offering white-labeled packaging for multiple clients can be set up for automation.

The technology can also allow for coding and serialization connected directly to a simple-to-create database as opposed to a separate coding system.

All of these features make printing systems like the Matthews MPERIA L-Series more versatile, allowing for extended ROI and a reduced need for manual control from production facility staff.

Rugged Sealed Casings

Today’s inkjet printer options are not only more powerful than ever but also more durable. Advances in materials technology and decreases in component sizes have allowed more products to move toward completely enclosed steel housings. Casings like the ones found on the Squid SQ/2 Scorpion line can be sealed to eliminate concerns about water, dust, and debris, allowing facilities with high-demand environments to reduce their maintenance costs.

Auto-Flush Cycles

Manual maintenance cycles introduce additional planned downtimes as well as increased overhead and a greater need for mechanical expertise among your staff. They also dramatically increase the risk of user error, such as when someone assigned the task of cleaning out printheads neglects to do a complete job, leading to clogging and unplanned downtime.

Models like the FoxJet ProSeries 768e and Linx 8900 continuous inkjet printer have automatic flush cycles at key moments during product use, such as during shutdown and startup. While these cycles do not eliminate the need for manual cleaning entirely, they significantly boost the reliability of the printing system while extending the duration between necessary manual cleanings.

Find Inkjet Printers for Sale in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa

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