Case Study: Raab Case Sealer Helps Pet Food Manufacturer Adapt to New Packaging

Case Study: Raab Case Sealer Helps Pet Food Manufacturer Adapt to New Packaging

One thing we specialize in at Raab is the ability to recommend the precise machinery your operation needs to solve challenges and meet evolving goals. Such was the case when a pet food manufacturer from Kansas reached out to us for help adapting to new packaging requirements.

By analyzing the specifications the pet food company needed as well as their overall goals for their packaging line, we were able to recommend the purr-fect case sealer to meet their stringent needs.

This case exemplifies why Raab can offer manufacturing, distribution, or contract packaging customers in a variety of industries more than the typical industrial packaging equipment supplier.

Solving a Dog-gone Tough Problem After a Packaging Switch

The Kansas company we worked with had been using its existing case sealing equipment for a number of years. They had selected their previous tape machine brands as a result of looking to the most recognizable manufacturers. These machines served them well for a number of years, but a sudden switch in packaging dimensions changed all that.

A decision was made by marketing higher-ups at the pet food company to change the cases used to seal bulk packs of food. The new cases to be used were of a smaller than average dimensions. These modified dimensions met the company’s evolving needs for reduced packaging, more units shipped per load, and improved case branding.

Unfortunately, the smaller carton size made the use of the company’s current industrial case sealers impossible. The new cases were simply too small, and they could not be sealed through an automated process in a reliable way.

After struggling to find a replacement for their current case sealing equipment, the company turned to Raab. We analyzed their needs and recommended a flexible, adjustable case sealer that could reliably apply tape to the smaller package size.

The item we recommended was the Eastey BB-2 Random. This industrial carton taper was capable of automatically applying the correct lengths of commercially available pressure sensitive polypropylene tape to the center seams on both the top and bottom of their filled shipping cases.

Specs for the Eastey BB-2 Random Case Sealer Tape Machine

Eastey’s BB-2 Random model boasts a number of advantageous features. Chief among them is the capability to adjust the box size quickly with minimal changeover hassles. Self-guiding rails ensure each package is oriented properly for a firm, consistent, and reliable seal.

A number of user friendly features make the machine easy to learn to use in just a matter of minutes. Maintenance is simplified thanks to a single-mast design and tape heads that tip back for easy re-threading.

Also of note is the fact that the machine does not require compressed air to operate. Thanks to this feature, the Eastey case sealer can occupy a smaller footprint on the facility floor in more flexible orientations, allowing for maximization of production space.

Altogether, the features of the Eastey BB-2 Random not only allowed the pet food manufacturer to accommodate its packaging changes, but it also simplified the duties of those on the floow trying to manage the packaging process.

Reach out to Raab to Make Your Packaging Problems Go Away

Raab has a reputation for unparalleled customer service and expertise for a reason. We always seek to meet the exact needs of our individual clients, so each one receives personalized service and recommendations to make their life easier.

We also support every install with an array of value-add services that can include hands-on training, maintenance contracts, and seamless integration with the rest of your packaging, coding, and printing lines.

If you are facing a challenge for your industrial packaging equipment, come to Raab for the solution. You can contact us today to learn about the machinery and services your facility needs to maximize uptime and minimize stress.



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