Celebrate 60 Years of Outstanding Customer Service With 10% Off Machinery in Our QuickShop

Celebrate 60 Years of Outstanding Customer Service With 10% Off Machinery in Our QuickShop

Raab Sales, Inc. has a history of raising the bar for customer service. Being there for our clients has been in our DNA since day one.

If you took a look at our History of Raab Sales, Inc. post, you’ll see that our founder Lou Raab truly made a difference in his clients’ lives. He went above and beyond to educate them about industrial tape machine solutions and then help them choose the best product that fit within their goals and existing operational environment.

You don’t even have to take our word for it! Over the years, the Raab Sales office has collected correspondence documenting the impact Lou Raab’s client-focused business model has had on his clients. We’ve always been experts on the machinery we sell, for one. Customers receive skilled support for their machinery, whether it’s a minor service adjustment or a major repair. We also are always willing to listen when clients make a request that’s out of the ordinary.

To celebrate with our customers, we’re holding a special sale in our QuickShop with 10% off select machinery. This includes our stock of handheld inkjet printers, tape machines, and stencil cutting machines. Simply enter the coupon code “10AT60” with an eligible item in your shopping cart. Best of all, this offer can be combined with volume discounts!

This sale is just one of the ways we can show our customers how much we truly care when it comes to giving them service that’s above the rest. Take a look at the documents below to learn further how Lou Raab established a client relations model that truly left an impression on everyone.

A Letter From the Imco Container Co., Circa 1969

Our first piece of Raab history comes from a letter typed by Carl Medlin, a cost supervisor at the Imco Container Company based in Kansas City, Missouri. The letter begins with Medlin describing how he discovered that an order was placed with another vendor for two Marsh Tape Machines and two coding machines.

“As soon as I realized this, I contacted our purchasing department and tried to stop this order and have it placed with Raab Sales,” Medlin recounts. “I did this because Lou Raab has sold us all our machines in the past and had kept them in continuous good service through the years and I felt that he deserved the sale.”

Much to Medlin’s dismay, he could not cancel the order, and the machines arrived via common carrier. “No one came out to see if they worked properly,” he reports, and soon enough the machines needed adjustments. A representative from the other vendor came out, but “He had no tools and was not equipped with the ability to repair the tapers.” Rather than repair the machines, the company decided to have them replaced. Medlin even had to walk across the facility just so he could help the representative remove the machines from the line!

Later on, the replacement machines from the other vendor were failing, and Lou Raab just so happened to be on a service call handling the Imco Company’s oldest machine. Medlin says that he needed help and, “Lou agreed, made a few adjustments, and the machines have been working perfectly ever since.”

In conclusion, Medlin says that “When Lou Raab had all our business, our machines were kept in proper working condition, and when something did go wrong, we were given good service by a man who had the equipment to repair the machines but also knew what he was doing.” He sums up the letter saying that his mistake allowed him to learn “who really cares about our business, as well as his own.”

Warm Relationships With All Raab Clients Set the Standard for Impeccable Service Now

Raab Sales’ original service model extended to telling retiring client contacts that he felt “sadness because we will miss your warm voice and your very pleasant manner.” Now, we offer the same personable relationships with the added benefit of knowledge regarding cutting-edge industrial machinery trends. We can also assist any client when it comes to optimizing their machinery choices and integrating them fully within their manufacturing, marking, or packing lines.

Whether you are new to the Raab Sales team or a veteran customer, we want you to know we still care as much now as we did over 50 years ago. Take advantage of our 10% off QuickShop machinery sale now but stick around for outstanding service from people who truly care about your business as well as our own.


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