How Packaging Solutions Are the Key to Expanding Your Sales Footprint

How Packaging Solutions Are the Key to Expanding Your Sales Footprint

Your product’s packaging could be one of the biggest factors influencing your sales potential and the product’s ability to spread across a larger domestic or international market. As a result, the company you choose to supply your industrial machinery and other packaging solutions will have a direct effect on your bottom line.

While that assertion may seem surprising, the packaging you choose has tremendous ripple effects. For starters, packaging dictates your response to supply chain challenges, including maintaining product integrity and freshness during extensive shipping schedules.

Packaging also affects your compliance with various labeling and product safety regulations. Different countries, and often even different U.S. states, can have vastly different demands. Then, of course, there are marketability concerns as you try to expand your presence to new territories that have their own set of consumer behaviors and expectations.

Discover more as we reveal the biggest factors affecting how packaging can affect your marketability and sales success.

Prominent, Relatable Branding

People trust established brands and are usually wary of newcomers, but strong branding can help counter this inertia. It can also capture consumer interest.

The moment someone encounters your brand on a store shelf through packaging, a new narrative begins. They instantly begin to make associations and inferences based on your branding.

Maybe you’re a more down-to-earth, natural brand that promises fewer artificial ingredients and more of a classic production method than the current market leader. Minimalistic branding elements and an earth-toned palette can instantly begin to relay these differentiation factors to your target consumers.

Or, perhaps your brand wants to be seen as a more futuristic or avant-garde alternative? A bold, prominent logo and striking packaging with a high-contrast palette can communicate these aspects.

Consistency across your packaging line and within your marketing materials is paramount for branding impressions that go beyond a store shelf encounter. When your branding elements can combine with your unique company ethos, you begin to build relationships with your consumers and add to the narrative they form each time they encounter your brand.

Compliance and Stability

Good packaging accounts for every stage of the supply chain, not just the final moment of purchase. Your packaging must provide adequate protection from spoilage within your expected temperature environment. Keep in mind that unrefrigerated shipping methods can often introduce extremes – extreme heat, extreme humidity, extreme cold, and even extreme low-pressure for air-shipped items. There’s also the risk of breakage every time a product is loaded or unloaded.

Ensure you can provide your product with the protection it needs, keeping in mind all of the relevant health and food safety laws for every area in which you intend to distribute.

Your package must also be able to maintain promised standards of perishability while enduring the rigors of the supply chain.

Without these considerations, your ability to distribute your product into new markets and build a reputation for quality could be seriously hampered.

Retailer Demands that Require New Packaging Solutions

In addition to consumers, distributors, and regulators, the final group you must consider are the retailers themselves. Large brick-and-mortar retailer chains are seeing slimmer profit margins than ever. They must also navigate an increasingly demanding public. In response, they will reject distribution deals for products that fail to meet their packaging standards.

Diligently research some of the largest retail and grocery chains within the new region you intend to grow into. Even if you never pen a deal with these retailers, knowing about their demands can help you prepare your packaging requirements to fit the most common standards.

Determine what packaging solutions you could need in order to meet opportunities and expand your distribution network by working with an expert Raab Sales consultant. We can determine optimal packaging machinery for your needs, such as our line of case transports and sealers.

Take a look at what packaging solutions we can provide, and contact us today to get started growing your company by improving your packaging capabilities.


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