Matthews eMark ECO Laser

Matthews Releases eMark ECO Laser – Perfect for Contract Packagers

A new CO2 laser product from Matthews provides the flexibility that small and medium contract packaging companies need to satisfy their diverse portfolios of clients. Compact, efficient, and with a coding system that requires no ink or thermal materials, the new Matthews eMark ECO Laser coding line offers a low cost-of-ownership along with many convenient features.

The system’s 10-watt, CO2-based delivery system makes it perfect for coding paper-based packaging and labels. Laser coding systems are well-known for their fast throughput and highly legible, accurate permanent markings that have no risk of smearing or striping. An inkless delivery system also increases throw distances while completely eliminating the processing line interruptions that come from exchanging cartridges.

Overall, the eMark ECO line should prove extremely beneficial to any business with a need for flexible production capabilities. Contract packagers in particular will love the compact size of the eMark ECO along with its potential for high returns on investment. Read on to learn more about the new system as well as how you can order it from Raab.

eMark ECO Laser Coding Is Powerful and Flexible, Yet Easy to Install

Matthews designed the eMark ECO series of laser coding products to be their most compact unit to date. The system measures just 21 inches long and weighs around 15 pounds. This small size makes it extremely useful for facilities that wish to maximize their production space as well as facilities that must continually retool and rearrange production lines to suit the needs of contract customers.

Modular accessories like a free-standing mounting bracket also mean that the laser coding printhead does not require built-in fixtures or specially designed production lines to accommodate its role in processing. Users can rapidly set-up and deploy the system, which can include a hand-held touch interface control terminal that allows for rapid new job creation or editing.

Integrated start/stop buttons and LED status lights give you most of the control you need to ensure that the printhead is functioning as intended. The system can also be coordinated to include several lasers in a single production line using Matthews’ MPERIA universal print controller device. Use of MPERIA also allows for integration with databases and ERP systems to improve productivity and reduce coding errors.

The system is capable of creating alphanumeric 2D text for the purposes of marking dates, time codes, barcodes, serial numbers, and other text to make management of inventory easier for everyone along the supply chain.

A New Era in Compact, Cartridgeless Marking and Coding

An inkless coding system greatly reduces the cost of ownership for a production line. Eliminating ink consumables not only lowers overhead on supplies, but it can also reduce the number of service calls. Since laser-based coding systems lack a liquid delivery system, the number of subsequent clogs, sprays drips, or other ink-related issues is completely nullified.

Increase your production line capacity, reduce overhead costs, prevent downtimes, and give your facility the capability to rapidly be reconfigured all thanks to these amazing products. Visit the Matthews eMark ECO Laser product page and contact a Raab sales consultant today to get estimates on costs and delivery.


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