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Our Top Coding Equipment Picks for Primary and Secondary Packaging

Coding and labeling is vital to the life cycle of your products. From its primary packaging at the factory all the way through to the end user on the shelf at home, it’s vital that a product be properly coded, for a number of reasons. These include traceability, identification, routing, marketing, and shipping.

It’s essential that you choose the right equipment for each stage of your labeling. You need to be sure that the equipment and the labels can fit the purpose you need, but can stand up to heavy usage with easy setup, a user friendly interface, minimal downtime, and high volume delivery. With that in mind, here are our top choices for coding equipment for primary and secondary packaging.

Industrial Coding Equipment

There are essentially two types of industrial coding equipment – inkjet and laser printers. These range from thermal devices to continuous devices and handheld devices. Choosing the right equipment for your primary packaging or secondary packaging depends on your specific needs.

Inkjet Printers

We carry a full line of PIEZO Hi-Res inkjet printers, thermal inkjet printers (TIJ), large-character valve jets (DOD), and continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. Each offers a complete solution for labeling and packaging your product so that it’s properly scannable and trackable at all stages of the product life cycle. Our options range from budget-conscious printers ideal for small businesses to high-volume printers for medium- to large-size companies.

Handheld Printers

A handheld printer may be ideal for your portable, small-job needs. It offers the ability to move from place to place easily, as well as simplicity of use and rapid results. While they may not be ideal for high-volume bulk jobs, they can be outstanding for quick labeling with outstanding accuracy and clear graphics.

Laser Printing

From laser coding to thermal transfer overprinting (TTO), laser printers are excellent for high-quality, permanent, and bulk printing. You simply cannot beat the crispness and clarity of a laser-printed code. These tend to be geared towards larger, industrial uses, but even small businesses can find outstanding quality from them, which at a slightly higher up-front investment can result in cost savings in the years to come.

Linx 8900 Series CIJ

We are currently running a special on the Linx 8900 CIJ printer, which is a continuous inkjet that offers a fantastically user-friendly interface, and delivers reliability and efficiency that’s nigh unmatched. It will allow you to greatly increase output and spend more time coding than before.

The 8900 series offers 3 lines of code, including text, symbols, numbers, and barcodes ranging from 1.8mm to 20mm high, and at the higher-end models (the 8920 and 8940 series) you can even get up to 5 lines of code and features like output reporting, high speed printing, advanced monitoring, and more.

Linx CJ400 CIJ

Another of our top picks, we are also offering special deals on the Linx CJ400 CIJ printer. It prints up to three lines of codes, dates and times, text, and any other data onto just about any surface. As a CIJ it prints on products as they move without the need to stop production, and can change printed code quickly and efficiently.

If you’d like more information about our specials on the Linx 8900 Series or Linx CJ400 series and how this industrial coding equipment can help your primary packaging and secondary packaging needs, contact Raab Sales for details today.


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