Raab 2018 – trends and outlook in packaging

Packaging Trends Outlook for 2018

2017 saw some major shifts in the packaging industry, from the return of basic black matte packaging to the consumer desire for an “artisan” feel and more information up front. 2018 stands to see even further evolution in the industry, which is expected to continue into the future.

From the regions in which packaging sales are concentrated to the types of packaging used, there are a range of important trends to watch for in the coming year, which will have a major impact on the bottom line of every business. Discover the trends that are set to shape the packaging industry in 2018 and beyond, and how having the best packaging line equipment will serve you well.

Packaging Concentration Sales

According to a recent report by Smithers Pira, sales of packaging will continue to be concentrated heavily in Asia, with America and Western Europe sharing equal parts behind it. Very minor shares will be held by Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. However, the predictions are in 2018 that Asia’s share will increase even further, taking more of the market share from North America and Western Europe.

Trends in the Packaging Industry in Emerging Economies

There are a number of business trends that are driving the growth of the packaging industry in the coming year. In China, Russia, Brazil, India, and many emerging economies, these include increased urbanization, investment in construction and housing, retail chain development and growth, and the new healthcare and cosmetics sector. In these countries, living standards are increasing, and there is more personal disposable income available, which is fueling consumption.

Trends in the Packaging Industry in Developed Economies

In countries with more economically developed markets, there are a range of key factors in both market trends and social issues which have a broad impact on the packaging industry. These include trends towards smaller households, which in turn mean a demand for smaller packaging sizes, as well as increased demand among consumers for convenience, and perhaps most surprisingly, a growth in the market for health and beauty products among men.

Ongoing and Increased Growth

The packaging industry has been growing steadily ever since 2012, and it stands to continue to grow in the coming five years, and probably beyond. Technology is increasing, as is improved access to the best packaging line equipment.

Automation will probably increase in the coming years as well, which may help to offset the growth trend skewing towards Asia. It remains to be seen whether the new corporate tax breaks will have a measurable effect on the packaging industry in the United States. In the end, the one thing that’s certain is that packaging is changing and evolving at a rapid pace.

Best Packaging Line Equipment

Keeping up with the current trends in the packaging sector means having access to, and installing, the best packaging line equipment. For many years, Raab has been a premier supplier of the very best in all aspects of packaging equipment. Give us a call for more information about the equipment we have to aid your automation today.



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