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Raab Sales Helps Their Customer Improve Industrial Efficiency with Paxton Dryers

Paxton is the leader in industrial air knife systems and blower-driven commercial drying systems. PowerDry dryer systems from Paxton use Centrifugal blowers to lower energy consumption and help raise line speed, increasing overall output and productivity.

Paxton dryers’ rugged washdown-capable design and interchangeable configurations make them popular in a variety of industries. They are especially common in food and beverage production and packaging lines.

Ultra-powerful centrifugal blowers deliver air via an air knife system to your choice of nozzle configurations. Paxton dryer systems make the perfect complement to canning, bottling and packaging operations when trying to shear bulk water off your product. They prepare a clean, dry surface, allowing for legible and permanent marking of bottles, cans, or packaging components.

Go more in-depth with the capabilities of Paxton dryers — and learn how Raab Sales can help identify the perfect drying solutions to optimize output and efficiency — by considering the following information below.

Commercial Air Knife System With Configurable Nozzle Set-Ups

Paxton dryers can accommodate just about any canning, bottling or packaging line in the food and beverage industry. That’s because its air blower system can be connected to a variety of output devices.

In-line manifold configurations provide intense air blasts that help dry off cans, bottles and lids before entry into your industrial coding and marking system. In-line configurations can be installed to aim at the top or bottom of the product to ensure complete removal of water and debris.

Spyder manifold systems offer a degree of literal and figurative flexibility. Flexible polyethylene or stainless steel arms can be adjusted to dry the sides of products, ensure dryness under the product rim, or dry non-uniform shaped objects rapidly. Best of all, spyder arms can be adjusted as-needed to account for different products or modulations in the product line. These four drying spyder arms come in addition to six in-line drying nozzles.

Centrifugal Blower System, High Line Speed, and Other Desirable Features of Paxton Dryers

In addition to their configurable systems, Paxton dryers also offer a variety of features that provide deep value and efficiency to manufacturing or packaging operations. All of these benefits create an incredibly short cycle for return on investment — often less than a year!

Features and benefits of Paxton dryer systems include:

  • Centrifugal blower system, which reduces energy use by 80% and increases service life compared to compressed air systems
  • Adjustable system to accommodate a variety of product or package lines
  • Adapts to conveyor systems, with line speeds reaching up to 500 bottles or cans per minute
  • Washdown-capable, offering easy cleanup and worry-free operations even on high-moisture production lines
  • Complete removal of moisture and debris from products
  • No risk of contamination from oils, moisture or scale compared to compressed air systems
How Raab Sales Can Help You Implement Your Paxton Drying System Successfully

Paxton offers a complex ecosystem of drying products, output nozzles, blower types and other components. You can identify the perfect product buildout to satisfy your operational needs by working with a Raab Sales representative today.

We provide consultations and audits in order to devise best-fit solutions that suit your unique operations while helping you accomplish your most critical goals.

Take a look at our available Paxton dryers product line, and then contact a Raab Sales representative for more information or a quote today!



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