Raab Sales helps their customer improve upon industrial efficiency with Paxton Dryers

Customer:  Specialty Dairy Manufacturer in Missouri
Problem (Previous Process):
The Missouri plant was using compressed air to dry a variety of dairy products in flexible tetra packaging before print and packaging to the secondary shipper.  The plant was unhappy with the expense of compressed air and the cost of maintenance.
Raab Sales provided an all-electric Paxton PowerDry XT-series drying system to replace their compressed air system with 1/5 of the energy usage.
Key Benefits:
The plant saw significant savings in cost of ownership in the first year alone.  The eco-friendly Paxton drying system is so efficient it reduced the need for operator maintenance, saving money and down-time.  The purchase of the Paxton Power Dry also helped the plant to reduce its carbon footprint to earn government incentives.  The customer was extremely pleased with the 3 year warranty offered with every Paxton system.  


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