We Make Machinery Problems Go Away

We Make Machinery Problems Go Away

Send Raab Sales You Toughest Challenges and Biggest Questions. We’re Ready for It.

Raab In-House services put our knowledge and facilities to the test in order to make your operation run more smoothly — and to keep your coding, marking, and packaging machinery running more often. Whether you need repairs, estimates, RMA assistance, equipment leasing, or remote support & diagnostics, Raab is ready to back you up.

Customer-Focused Service Helps You Sleep Better at Night

For over 60 years, Raab Sales has set the high standard for customer service in the marking, coding, and packaging equipment distribution industry. Part of what helped us make our mark is that we treated every client as if our success depended on their success.

Locally-based service and a customer-focused attitude helps us get familiar with each customer and more importantly their production facility. By working closely with customers year after year, we become familiar with their needs and are even able to anticipate potential problems before they arise.

Now, anyone can get the satisfaction of this outstanding customer service, even if you don’t buy your equipment from Raab. Use our in-house expertise to keep your most important machinery in top condition and to get critical support when you need it most.

Repairs without the Nightmares

We know that sending off a critical piece of equipment for repair or return authorization can often be a nail biting experience. Rest assured when Raab is on the job. You will always receive an estimate so you can authorize the needed repairs or decide what you would rather do instead. All repairs come with a 90-day warranty, and we can monitor the machine remotely when its re-installed to ensure it is integrated with your other production equipment and in top working order.

Learn What Coding, Marking and Packaging Machinery Suits You Best

Raab Sales makes getting the equipment your operation needs easy with our print samples, in-house factory training, and equipment leasing contracts. Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect machinery for your packaging, coding, and marking line when you work with Raab.

Remote Support, Diagnostics, and Programming

Most modern machinery lets us take a peek under the hood from anywhere in the world. Our in-house factory-trained technician experts can examine your machineries’ onboard diagnostics to identify problems, solve bottlenecks, and optimize your equipment set-up. We’ll even program your controllers and set up custom message creation.

Having Raab Sales at Your Back Means More Uptime

Your product line needs every piece of equipment to be in top working order, especially when it comes to packaging, coding, and marking machinery. Prevent unplanned downtime, and solve your greatest challenges by relying on Raab.

Find out what personalized services we can assist you with when you contact us today.



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