Our history

Timeline for Raab Sales, Inc.

1951: Lou Raab began selling the first electric Marsh Tape Dispenser in Missouri and Kansas. It dispensed tape in accurately measured lengths,  saving companies thousands of dollars.

1958: Lou and Kay Raab started Raab Sales Company, an industrial distributorship selling shipping room supplies, shelving and material handling equipment.

1962: Raab Sales Company is named a "Factory Authorized" and "Exclusive" distributor for Marsh products, including Tape Dispensers, Stencil Machines, and Stencil Inks.

1975: Mike Raab, eldest son, joins Raab Sales Company.

1976: Steve Raab, 2nd eldest son, joins Raab Sales Company.

1979: Mark Raab, 3rd eldest son, joins Raab Sales Company, and Raab Sales Company became Raab Sales, Inc.

1980: Raab Sales begins selling the first Large Character Printers and speciality inks.

1982: Tricia Raab (Mark's wife) joins Raab Sales, Inc. doing accounts receivable.

1983: Tom Raab, youngest of the brothers, joins Raab Sales, Inc.

1989: Expands product offerings by selling Small Character CIJ (continuous inkjet).

1991: Business moves from home on Wyoming St in KC to a much needed warehouse/office facility in North KC.

1992: Worldwide mandate for manufacturers that requires all products to have a visible "Sell By" date.

1995: Adds Print & Apply Labelers to product offering. Purchases first ERP system. New organizational structure designed to accelerate and manage growth. First non-family member employees.

1997: The founders of the company, Lou & Kay Raab, usher in the next generation. Mark Raab as President, Steve Raab as Vice President, Tom Raab as Secretary.

2002: Moves the business to current location, a state-of-the-art, owner-occupied facility in Lenexa, Kansas. 

2005: Mark and Steve Raab become founding members of the PIN (Product Identification Network) group.

2008: Adds Industrial Dryers to product offering.

2009: Adds TTO printers to product offering, and Laura Raab, Mark's 2nd child, joined the business (in-house service technician).

2010: Katie Zotti (Raab), Mark's oldest, joins the business (marketing).

2013: Chris Raab, Mark's youngest, joins the business (sales).

2016: Daniel Raab, Steve's youngest son, joins the business (warehouse).