• In-house service
  • In-house service

Raab In-House Service keeps your packaging and coding lines running smoothly

Regardless of what industry you are in, your entire operation likely relies upon your ability to code and package completed items before shipping them out the door. If you can’t keep your coding and packaging machinery operational on a reliable basis, then your ability to produce anything could unexpectedly halt. This risk applies to anyone in food & beverage, packaging, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, aerospace, and nearly all other industries

Reduce your downtime with Raab. We now offer our in-house repair and estimate services to all manufacturing, distributing, and contract packaging clients. Send us your equipment, or connect with our remote technician experts to receive timely diagnostics, estimates, repairs, troubleshooting and more.

With Raab, you no longer have to rely on dozens of different manufacturers to keep your equipment running. We provide one convenient resource for knowledge and technical skills that can bring out the most efficiency and productivity for your coding, packaging, and printing equipment.

In-house Industrial Machinery Services you can depend upon

Raab’s in-house facilities have provided a wide range of repairs and specialty services to our loyal customers for over 60 years. Now, any operation with packaging and coding machinery can benefit from our skilled technicians and reliable customer support teams. You can send your equipment or receive remote assistance from Raab across a wide variety of service areas.

Return/repairs, estimates, and scheduled maintenance

Any time a repair is needed and on-site service is not required, you have the option to ship your coding and packaging equipment to Raab. We use an extensive evaluation and diagnostic process before providing an estimate and requesting repair approval from the customer. All repairs also carry a 90 day warranty, so you know we stand behind our work.

Print proofing, equipment leasing, and personalized consultations

Not sure what equipment you need or whether the one you want will work long-term? Raab’s expertise across multiple industries can help you narrow down your choices to the optimal machine for your operation at this exact moment. Send us material samples to get print proofs on your desired substrate, or obtain a rental/lease contract if you aren’t sure if your needs will change in the near future.

Remote service, diagnostics, and support

Have a Raab technician available for you any time, anywhere, thanks to advanced remote support capabilities. We can provide technical support over your preferred communication channel, or we can connect directly to certain machinery to see the same readouts you do. Our experts can troubleshoot and reprogram a large selection of models by wire, and we can even help you program controllers and create custom messages just the way you want them.

In-house service elements

  • Return / Repair
  • RMA (Return Materials Authorization) Requests
  • Evaluation Process with Repair Approval by customer
  • Equipment Repair Estimates
  • 90 Day Warranty on all Repairs
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
  • Equipment Rental/Lease Contracts
  • Print Samples
  • Training
  • Remote Support & Service
  • Technical Support Via Phone, Text, & Email
  • Remote Access Diagnostic & Support
  • Controller Programming & Message Creation Services