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  • On-site service

Raab On-Site Service for max uptime on your coding and packaging line

Your coding and packaging line may not get as much attention as the rest of your manufacturing process, but your facility ultimately depends on it.

Regardless of what industry you are in – be it food, pharmaceuticals, aerospace parts, or some other knowledge-intensive products – any time there is an issue with your packaging line, it can bring your entire your entire production facility to its knees. Nothing can ship if it can't be coded and packaged.

This risk forces many manufacturers to allocate lots of time and resources to keep the coding and packaging lines running – resources that could, perhaps, have been spent on enhancing the product itself.

Let Raab focus on keeping your packaging and coding lines at their maximum uptime while you focus on what you do best. With our on-site industrial packaging machinery services, we can keep your machines running at their peak efficiency with minimal unplanned downtime.

Whether you want better reliability, less administrative overhead, or just reliable service from factory certified and tested pros, you can rely on our Raab equipment team to make your factory run better.

Our outstanding service now available for machinery not sold or installed by Raab

In times past, Raab offered on-site service almost exclusively for machinery we had sold and installed. But as we were getting more and more requests for on-site service from companies that weren't already customers of ours, we decided to extend that personalized service to all facilities with coding and packaging lines. Now, practically any manufacturer, distributor, or contract packager in any industry can benefit from our technical skill, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service.

You can achieve parity of service across your packaging and coding lines, regardless of how many brands of machinery it contains. Getting factory service from each respective manufacturer factory isn’t always the best solution. Raab's technicians are factory-certified in a wide variety of machinery. They can make each of them work in an optimal way, and they can make them work seamlessly together.

On-site Industrial Machinery Services you can depend upon

Raab now offers a wide range of customer-centered services designed to reduce problems with your machinery so that you can achieve higher levels of uptime with lower administrative overhead.

Install it right the first time

Our technicians can install nearly any brand of printing, packaging, or coding equipment so that it can be tailor-fit to your unique production environment. We can make it integrated with the other machinery on your line and optimized for your unique needs. We also provide training and support to get your new machines running smoothly.

Rely on our technicians to reduce unplanned downtime

Service contracts and scheduled maintenance from Raab reduces your risk of unexpected shutdowns or quality issues. We also provide emergency troubleshooting or repairs to get your line back up as soon as we can, including the possibility of loaning equipment while your machinery is in the shop.

Stress less about your parts, ink, and other consumables

Let Raab manage your packaging and coding line’s most vital expendable parts. Our expertise and industry experience allows us to provide accurate stocking estimates for inks, fluids, parts, spare equipment, and a wide range of necessary consumables. We take some of the administrative load off your shoulders, and your operation worries less about unplanned downtime as a result of running out of essentials.

On-Site Service elements

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs
  • Service Contracts
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • "Loaner" Backup Printer option
  • Fluids/Parts Inventory Management
  • Preventative & General Maintenance
  • Inventory/Spare Equipment Management