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As the region's leading distributor of industrial marking, coding, and labeling equipment, we provide Product ID Solutions for the packaging industry. Packaging is the first impression for consumers in the marketplace. With our vast product offering, we provide our customers the ability to integrate information such as expiration dates, barcodes, 2D Matrix codes, case decorating, and print & apply labeling to existing packaging. Raab Sales® will provide the right equipment designed to add maximum value and performance for your product.

Packaging Solutions

  • Product ID on all surfaces, including Chipboard Coated, HDPE, Glass Bottles, Plastics, Poly Films, Metal and Paper
  • Compliance with FDA and EU regulations
  • Expiration dates, Barcodes, and Logos
  • Printing with Co2 Lasers for date coding and 2D Matrix
  • Printing with CIJ Small Character (CIJ) for date codes, expiration dates and manufacturing batch codes
  • Printing with HP Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) for date coding and 2D Matrix 
  • Generic case coding
  • Curved and recessed surfaces
  • Operation in damp or harsh environments
  • Non-contact printing technologies for curved surfaces
  • Ability to code in different positions
  • Wide range of inks, including removable and fast-drying
  • Add messages with standard and high-resolution flexible outer case coding

Our Product Solutions are available to suit all your packaging applications.