Better-than-factory Service

Rely on Raab service for max uptime on your coding and packaging lines

A down coding and packaging line can bring an entire factory to its knees. Which is why many companies allocate lots of time and resources to keep the coding and packaging lines running – resources that could, perhaps, have been applied elsewhere. An alternative could be to let Raab service your equipment and maybe even maintain your supply and parts inventories.

"Better-than-factory" service

Not only are Raab's technicians factory-certified. They have been with Raab and worked on machines from mulpiple vendors for years – on average more than 12 years. Which isn't always the case with factory technicians.

Giants stand on our shoulders

Raab has serviced coding and packaging needs for customers across industries for over 60 years. Some customers are Fortune 500 companies, others are smaller operators. But they all need max uptime on their coding and packaging lines.

And they share their trust in Raab Sales to help them achieve that goal.

You can read more about our on-site and in-house service on their respective pages. Or contact us today to learn more.