8 Things to Look for in a New Coding Machine

8 Things to Look for in a New Coding Machine

When you’re looking to replace a broken or outdated coding machine, or simply get a new one for your company needs, you want to be sure that it has all the important features you want. While every business is different, with its own individual needs, there are certain universals that must be addressed as well.

Before even looking into the specific needs of your company, you should check into these basics to make sure that your new coder is going to cover everything you need from the ground up. Here are a few things you should look for in a new coding machine, as well as the best industrial coding machines on the market today.

Large Focal Distance

Machines that have a large focal distance will allow for flexible mounting options which enable you to get the maximum efficiency by positioning your equipment at the ideal location. It means less fiddling and more productivity.

Text Quality and Sharpness

Look for the resolution and sharpness of the text. Vector quality machines are going to give you the best, most readable coding for date and time, text, barcodes, serial numbers, graphics, 2D coding, and more.

Ownership Costs

Choose a coding system that will produce less waste and is the most efficient in terms of ink, solvent and toner, to reduce the costs of ownership. You’ll buy fewer supplies and have less cleaning and reduced upkeep needs.

Continuous Printing Capability

Continuous printing capability can be essential for your ongoing production. The last thing you want to do is stop the line for each individual label. Equipment that can print on a continuous basis as the line moves past will increase your output by multiple factors.


You want a machine that’s going to stand up to the rigorous use and abuse it’ll take on the factory line. Choose equipment that is built from the finest materials like high-strength, aircraft-grade alloys and steel, with parts that are manufactured to ensure precision as well as quality control.

Ease of Use

You want a machine that is the most user friendly possible, in terms of output, installation, and interface. Look for units with features such as a color touchscreen controller, WYSIWYG print view, full-featured image design software, and a fast and efficient command interface.

Multi-Line Capability

Look for a printer that can create multiple lines, and multiple kinds of output. You’ll want text, graphics, bar codes, company logo, and a range of other output, in a range of sizes with equally clear output across the board. Your printer should ideally be able to output at least three lines, and even go up to five or more, in a range of text sizes as well.

Best Industrial Coding Machines

If you’re looking for the best industrial coding machines to take your production capabilities to the next level, Raab is the one-stop source for all of your needs. We offer the best in laser and thermal printers, ink jet printers, and handheld printing options for every need. If you’d like more information on the equipment we offer, get in touch with us today.



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