Raab 2017 – the year in review

A Year in Review: How Packaging Changed in 2017

2017 was an interesting year for the packing industry. The packing sector completely exploded last year, from premium products to mass-produced goods, from liquor to milk, from toys to industrial products. The game changed significantly. The ways that it changed can also provide us with an intriguing insight into what the future holds.

So what did we see, and what does it mean for the future of packaging? Let’s examine a number of ways that the packing industry changed in 2017, how it speaks for the future, and the role industrial packaging equipment will play.

Tone and Message

Packaging has always been a means of communicating a brand message, but in 2017 it became more important than ever. The more personality a package has, the better off it is. That means that while in the past, packaging was largely a factor of graphic design, now it’s a factor of copywriting as well. More than ever, your package must display an understanding of your core, target audience.

That Basic Black Is Coming Back

Once upon a time, black was the ultimate no-no in packaging. The concept was that it faded away and wasn’t noticeable next to bright, bold colors. That’s all changing. The current trend is that black is beautiful and basic matte black is a great way to draw customers in and convince them of craftsmanship and quality.

The Facts on the Front

It’s important to put the facts on the front of the pack. Where before you’d put all the information about ingredients, nutrition, descriptive text, and the like on the back, customers want to see it all at a glance, now. They want it all right there on the front.

Structure Matters

No longer do the basic shapes suffice. People are looking for something unique and interesting, something that catches the eye and engages the tactile senses. They want packaging that reaches out and grabs them from off the shelf.

Customers these days want artisanal approaches to all things. Craft is the in thing, and customers want packaging that communicates this labor of love, this approach to craftsmanship. This all comes back to the tone and message, but it’s all tied together, and comes down to the final way that packaging changed in 2017.


Packaging is no longer just a slick way to present a product. It’s no longer just an eye-catching presentation of a brand and product logo. It’s a means by which the manufacturer communicates not just their brand, not just their product, but all that is important about who they are and what the product is. It’s a message as well as a means of holding and delivering a product.

Industrial Packaging Equipment

Of course, you want your packaging to be sturdy and of the highest quality to meet these demands into the future. That’s why Raab is here. We offer the highest quality packaging equipment around, from labeling technology through drying and packaging. If you’d like to get more information, or to place your order, contact us today!


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