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Case Study: Raab to the Rescue

During the course of regular business, we do not typically encounter situations where the outcome could cost a client tens of thousands of dollars in just a few hours. These situations also usually do not happen the day after our nation’s birthday, when many people are out on long vacations that can make coordinating with accounts much more difficult.

Yet, when these situations arise, having them handled calmly and efficiently can feel like nothing short of a miracle. This was the case when one of our clients phoned in on July 5th with a serious crisis. The situation had the potential to seriously affect their production and earnings as the result of a production facility shutdown.

Yet, our Office Manager was able to rely on her training, our familiarity with client processes, and our general preparation for situations like these to effectively resolve what could have resulted in a factory shutdown with serious consequences for the client.

Hear a tale of how our employees were able to avert a client’s crisis that could have otherwise resulted in a production equipment shutdown.

A Chilling Call on the Fifth of July

Imagine the scene the day after a major holiday. Employees filter into the office a bit bleary-eyed and feeling the effects of a day’s worth of sun and BBQ; but nevertheless they arrive ready to work. The office is a bit thinned out compared to what would be usual, as many Americans begin taking their summer vacations with their families at this time of the year.

This mellow scene illustrates just how unpredictable the pace of business can be — because just a few moments later, the phone rang with a call that would cause anyone’s veins to fill with ice water. A major client rang in to the office that morning saying they had completely run out of a supply item needed for a piece of crucial production equipment. The client explained that without a restock of a consumable they regularly buy, the plant would be forced to shut down. “We sure hope you have it!” was their gist.

Most critically, the client’s Purchasing Agent was on vacation. In any other organization, employees may have begun scrambling to get him on the phone or to look up his paperwork on supply purchases. The office would resemble chickens running around trying to catch a bug.

Yet, this was not the case. Having been in situations like these before, we always try to anticipate times when the chips are down and a customer really needs us to pull through. Our purchasing agent had left explicit instructions regarding their accounts. Furthermore, our Office Manager, Tricia, was familiar with many of our biggest clients, such as this one, including their typical purchasing needs. When anyone else would have been having a panic attack, Tricia was calmly handling the situation on the phone while simultaneously punching in the item needed into our computer system.

Within minutes, our employee was able to confirm that we had the item the client needed in our warehouse. The client was especially relieved when told the item could be delivered to their dock within the next 30 minutes. Our warehouse staff quickly processed the order, and a salesman who happened to be in that day happily delivered the product to the customer, sparing them from a painful and costly shutdown.

The High Payoff of Great Service From a Production Equipment Expert

Acts of extraordinary service are not necessarily uncommon. They happen all the time, in every industry, and every walk of life. They happen because of people who analyze their processes and plan ahead for scenarios just like the one described above. Anticipating needs and responding swiftly to hairy situations is exactly what true customer service is about.

We are extremely proud of our employees, watching them succeed while working under pressure. Our leadership takes comfort in knowing that the attention to detail put in place to ensure success on this one order is the same attention to detail that is applied to every single order we process. Through this situation, we realized that our employees want our customers to succeed and that if we work hard to service their needs, we, too, can expect success.

This stellar example of excellent Customer Service may not be earthshaking news in the grand scheme of things. But it does demonstrate how we can help you get the results you want — quickly, any time you need, and in the most painless way possible. After all, you have a business to run.

If you want to rely upon the same stellar customer service that got our client out of a jam, then do not hesitate to contact us today and tell us exactly what you need to make your production facility run better than ever.


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