Changes You Need to Consider for the Christmas Rush

Changes You Need to Consider for the Christmas Rush

The year may only be 75% gone, but retailers all across the world are already hearing sleigh bells. That’s because the Holiday season often provides the bulk of their revenues, and they want to be prepared.

According to a survey taken this time last year, a quarter of U.S. consumers have already begun Holiday shopping. Nearly half will make purchases before November 1. Getting ready for these purchases takes time, preparation, and knowing in advance that your stock is available.

Your industrial manufacturing or packaging operation should also be ready for the upcoming Holiday season. You can implement the following improvements to your production line with help from a knowledgeable industrial equipment distributor. They’ll help you stay up to date to trim costs, advance your capabilities, and be prepared to deliver your customers a happier holiday.

Adding an Automated Case Sealer to Your Packaging Line

An automated case sealer like the Eastey TB-2 can dramatically reduce the manual touchpoints involved in sealing shipping cases and cartons, while improving throughput. Such a system can seal up to 30 cases per minute and operate at line speeds as quick as 35 feet per minute. You can also quickly retool the railing system for lightning-fast changeovers.

If your operation handles several different SKUs or carton sizes, then the Eastey BB-2 Random case sealer can automatically adjust its mast to accommodate a variety of dimensions and shapes. Your cases will be better sealed at a lower cost, leading to improved profitability as well as enhanced customer satisfaction, thanks to a reduction in damages.

Implementing a Vision System for Partially Automated QA

Adding a computer-controlled vision system to your production line can help you catch more errors and defects in quicker time. The Datalogic Matrix 410, for example, sees heavy use in a wide range of industries, thanks to its reliability and relatively simple programmability.

Industries including automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and food and beverage all rely on the system to keep them compliant and prevent serious issues. Since we’re not just talking about brand reputation but also public health and safety, modern vision systems have a tremendous amount of trust and faith placed in them by top brands the world over.

Making the Switch to Print and Apply Labeling

Print and apply labeling systems reduce the costs of ordering and storing pre-printed labels, while virtually eliminating the errors that come from human-powered label tasks. Because your labels are printed on the fly, they are produced with perfect serialization, always directly for the task at hand. They also turn changeovers into a simple press of a button, allowing your packaging line to accommodate a wider range of SKUs and product types without necessitating extensive line stoppages.

Upgrading Your Current Printing System With New Print Heads or Controllers

Modern industrial printers are more durable, reliable, and efficient than ever. Controller systems like the Foxjet Marksman Elite can also control multiple print heads for on-the-fly job changes and automated diagnostics.

Upgrading your printing system with new thermal inkjet printers or hi-res piezo inkjet printers can make your package markings more legible, longer-lasting, and more accurate than ever. You can also coordinate multiple systems to seal cases and print all at once!

Improve your Line in Time for Christmas with Raab: A Dependable Industrial Equipment Distributor

Let Raab help you optimize your production line in time for the Holidays. Our industry experts can help you decide on the perfect fit equipment that enhances your current process and takes into account your needs for interoperability, profitability, accountability, and more.

Contact an industrial equipment expert today to get started!


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