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Five Technologies That Make Industrial Inkjet Printers Better Than Ever

Industrial inkjet printers have made huge technological strides in recent years, allowing companies that invest in new inkjet printers to reap substantial benefits. By looking to the latest industrial inkjet printer models, packagers and manufacturers can recoup a greater return on investment thanks to improved efficiency, ease-of-use, user control, and more.

To learn just how much industrial inkjet printing technology has advanced in recent decades, take a look at the following advantages and features new printing, coding, and marking systems can offer.

Automatic Flush Cycles

Clogged ink nozzles are one of the primary causes of unplanned downtime, mistakes, and lost productivity on packaging lines. Preventative maintenance can help with this problem, but relying exclusively on human interventions can still lead to errors and downtimes.

To solve the problem, industrial print head manufacturers have introduced automatic cleaning cycles that flush print nozzles regularly to products like the FoxJet ProSeries. This feature extends the time between needed manual cleaning while reducing print job errors, as well as overall downtimes. The end result is lower cost of maintenance and increased productivity, all with a reduced need for human intervention.

Bag Ink Agitator for Pigments

Pigment-based inks can coagulate, causing serious clogging problems and sometimes even requiring print systems to be dismantled to fix it. Products like the Squid CoPilot 128 hi res inkjet piezo printer reduce these incidents with a bag agitator system. The system keeps pigment fluids evenly mixed, stabilizing them and reducing the incidents of coagulation and clogging.

Intuitive, Screen-Equipped Controller Systems

Perhaps the most significant advancement in industrial inkjet printing technology is the addition of intuitive and versatile controller units. Modern printhead controller systems integrate design principles from smartphone and PC technology, including the use of straightforward operating systems and touchscreen controls. Thanks to the abilities of these units, setting up print jobs is easy and transparent, which reduces mistakes while hastening needed print job changeovers.

Many printhead controller units offer truly impressive features that go above and beyond what you might expect. The FoxJet Marksman Matrix series, for instance, uses on-screen 3D visualizations of the print surface to give a perfect preview and total control of the final results. Another great example is the ATIP X4JET Plus print controller series, which can optionally connect to printheads from Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, or Trident for consistent control across multiple lines and printing use cases.

Built-to-Last Architecture

As modern technology advances, many people bemoan that “they don’t make ‘em like they used to.” In the case of industrial inkjet printing equipment, many manufacturers actually make products better than what’s been commonly available because they recognize the need for long service life, ease of maintenance, and reduced downtimes.

The FoxJet Marksman Elite series, for instance, uses 50% fewer components and is encased in a rugged stainless steel housing that can withstand high humidity and temperatures up to 104 F. Designs like these increase the reliability of units as well as their overall uptime while decreasing the frequency, cost, and complexity of needed maintenance.

Handheld Inkjet Printer Form Factors

Handheld inkjet printers tend not only to be versatile, but also affordable. A model like the Reiner JetStamp 792 can just as easily be mounted on a production line as it can be lifted up and used to mark objects around the facility. This flexibility means that the device can be used for small-run coding applications as well as ad-hoc uses, such as marking special cases or raw materials, maximizing the return on investment.

Handheld print technology has even arrived for thermal inkjet printers, such as the Anser U2 handheld thermal inkjet printer model. The slim device combines a print controller and printhead in one, and it can be integrated into a handheld form factor that weighs just 2.21 lbs.

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