Foxjet Launches New 384e Pro Series Printhead for Package Marking, Labeling, Coding

Foxjet has once again outdone themselves as the makers of some of the best printhead technology for packaging, labeling, and coding.

Their widely popular 384 series has evolved, leading to the new 384e “enhanced” version of the product. Every Foxjet 384e Pro Series printhead shares almost identical dimensions with the older version of the product, allowing process lines to change over to the newer, more-efficient printheads without having to replace brackets or alter their process line design.

You can learn more about the features and advantages the 384e series adds on as well as the great things the original 384 printheads offered by reading on.

Foxjet 384e Pro Series Printheads Print Higher Contrast and Quality at Higher Speed

Foxjet’s new 384e Pro Series printheads have turbo-boosted their print speeds to be the best in the industry, maximizing throughput and ultimately lowering production costs. At the same time, each print job provides high-contrast and high-quality lettering for maximum visibility and easier scannability for bar codes.

The units also boast industry-leading ink throw distances and incredibly forgiving distance tolerances so that all print jobs print clearly and legibly, even on irregular surfaces.

Increased Water Resistance for Cable Connector

In addition to achieving best-of-breed specs, the new 384e Pro Series printheads have been modified to improve the waterproofing around the cable connection. Some facilities with relatively high humidity were experiencing corrosion along the “pigtail” connection, so Foxjet improved the design to make the connection better-protected and more secure.

Compatibility with 384 Process Lines, Plug-in-and-Print Capability

Aside from the modified cable connection, the 384e and 768e printheads are almost identical in dimension and design compared to their older counterparts. Owners of the new models can simply plug in their printheads to any Marksman Elite or Matrix controller and begin printing right away after quickly calibrating the photocell distance.

New models also utilize existing Scantrue II and ScanTrue II PLUS inks, allowing owners of old models to make use of their existing ink stock. The 384e printhead models even come with a new, brighter red reservoir warning light to notify users that the unit has a low ink level and/or a full waste bottle.

All the Benefits of 384 Printheads Still There!

The best thing about the 384e printheads is that they offer a handful of new benefits along with all of the existing benefits of the legacy 384 line and at a reduced price.

Just as a recap, Foxjet’s 384 printhead systems offer the following benefits:

  • All stainless steel housing construction and a stainless ink path
  • Auto-priming rapid flush feature to prevent clogs and ensure quality — only interrupts process line for three seconds!
  • 2” print height and up to 21 lines of text
  • Marksman Elite controllers can control up to two 384 Pro Series printheads
  • Dual ink feed offers faster, smoother printing
  • Scan-and-shoot capability allows for rapid job changes with minimal input
  • Foxjet guiding bracket and retracting bracket systems ensure consistent print quality and reduce risk of damage to printheads
  • Printheads are repairable and completely rebuildable, maximizing overall system life
Find Out More About the 384e Pro Series Printhead

You can read more about the 384e Pro Series here and then contact one of our expert sales reps today!


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