Maximize uptime in food and beverage industry.

How to Maximize Uptime on Your Product Process Line

While the human touch will always guide manufacturing success, these days, it is the strength of your automated equipment that will be the number one factor in maximizing uptime. By using the latest, most-advanced process line equipment available, your process line can maintain continuous output while dramatically reducing the incidence of unplanned shutdowns.

Features like intuitive control interfaces eliminate the need for unnecessary production halts, while today’s most sophisticated coding and scanning technology can help you laser-target problems in the production line down to single production lanes and stations.

In other words, investing in the latest and most reputable equipment will make your production operation smarter than ever, preventing most problems before they occur and putting multiple safeguards in place so that the issues that do arise can be diagnosed and corrected as seamlessly as possible. These strategic improvements all serve to maximize uptime without having to slow the rate of production.

To give you an idea of how today’s best-of-breed systems and equipment help modern manufacturers overcome challenges, consider these downtime-reducing benefits that many products offer:

Automated Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the biggest contributors to downtime and unplanned production halts is skipped or haphazardly performed maintenance cycles. No worker wants to clean print heads day after day, yet the most simple cleaning tasks can boost equipment performance while greatly reducing the risk of errors like clogged inkjets.

The solution lies in equipment with automated cleaning and maintenance cycles. For instance, the Foxjet CJ400 CIJ automatically performs a cleaning cycle upon startup and shutdown, preventing human error while adding the convenience of self-maintaining technology. Manual cleaning tasks are reduced, and downtime is reduced as well, thanks to built-in diagnostic solutions.

Intelligent Product Design for On-the-Fly Maintenance and Changes

In the past, adoption of computerized technologies often meant workflow headaches for even the most simple tasks. Something as straightforward as changing out an ink reservoir or making adjustments to print design once required temporary shutdown of the equipment either before the changes could be implemented or afterwards, as unintended consequences of mid-cycle changes led to printing mistakes.

Products like the Videojet 2300 series remove this inconvenience by enabling on-the-fly changes using an intuitive interface that provides smart safeguards against unintended consequences. The series’ easily read screen reduces the chance of operators selecting the wrong print job, for example, and changes can be made while the device is running, offline or in shut-down mode. Ink canisters can also be replaced rapidly with no mess or ink loss.

Features like these reduce the chances that job change requests and maintenance tasks halt production.

High-Speed Performance

Just like a limiting reagent controls the scale of a chemical reaction, your slowest workstations will limit your rate of production. High-speed laser marking systems like the Mathews e-SolarMark can speed up your bottlenecks. They can print at a variety of angles while providing crisp resolution and a total job timeline of milliseconds apiece. Other high-speed industrial equipment like dryers and curing systems ensure that your line can keep up with the rapid pace of today’s economy.

Comprehensive Coding Solutions

Industries like aerospace are increasingly demanding more precise diagnostics and tracing methods so that any compromises in quality and safety of materials can be traced back to individual processes and equipment. Using the best available coding systems and barcode scanners can ensure compliance while reducing the downtime needed to trace problems and correct them.

Maximize Uptime by Investing in the Best Inkjet, Coding, and Labeling Systems

In an age where an hour of downtime can cost companies $10,000 or more in lost revenues, every second counts. Give your production line the technological and mechanical resources it needs to prevent unplanned downtime and keep the rate of production flowing as it should.

To get the very best inkjet, coding, and labeling equipment for your facility, speak to one of our knowledgeable company representatives today.


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