Questions to Ask Before Purchasing New Packaging Equipment

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing New Packaging Equipment

Purchasing new equipment is a simple and basic truth of every business operation. When you’re manufacturing goods and products, eventually you’re going to need to upgrade your technology, replace old, malfunctioning parts, or just improve your overall efficiency by adding additional automation.

The worst thing you can do is simply dive in headfirst and buy the first piece of equipment you find. There are a lot of elements to consider when implementing new technology or machinery, and you want to make sure that what you’re getting is ideal for your needs. Explore these important questions to ask before you purchase new or upgraded packaging line equipment, and where to get the answers you need.

Packaging Line Equipment Questions to Ask

When you’re buying new packaging line equipment, there are important questions you must ask before you even dive in. After all, it’s essential that your equipment works the way you need it to, and delivers the results you require to take your business to the next level.

Manufacturer Legacy

Check into the manufacturer. Make sure they haven’t operated under a large number of different names. This can be a red flag as to quality. Why would they change identities regularly unless there was a problem with their delivery? Check into how long they’ve been in business at their current location, under their current name, and whether they have their own warehouse facilities.

Do You Have References?

Don’t be afraid to ask for dealer references with contact information. Check out their online reviews to see what the general thought and consensus is of their service. Read the best reviews and the worst, and understand that the truth often lies somewhere between the raves and the rants.

Do They Back Up Their Work?

Successful companies offer outstanding customer service, and work to avoid predictable issues. They will offer guarantees of service and warranties. Don’t be afraid to speak to customer service before you order, and don’t be afraid to contact customers who have reported issues, to see how those issues were handled.

Find out what their warranty program is. Make sure that any machinery you buy is backed up in case you experience any electrical, mechanical, or other functional issues when you put it into production. The most reputable companies will always work towards quality assurance with their customers.

Is the Vendor a Dealer or Broker?

Does the vendor keep its machines in stock, or does it serve as a broker for other companies? The latter will establish them as a middleman, which means you may have difficulty when it comes time for service. Those who have their own warehouses and fulfill orders themselves, on the other hand, can better back up the equipment they sell.

At Raab Sales, we are utterly dedicated to customer satisfaction at all levels. The equipment we sell is of the highest quality no matter what your needs might be. If you have any questions at all about the packaging line equipment we sell, or how our support works, contact us for more information today.


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