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Raab Assists Wounded Warriors Family Support High Five Tour

Our company president Mark Raab was able to help out families of U.S. military veterans through a unique experience this past summer. As a member of the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City, Mark had the pleasure of accompanying the flagship car for the Wounded Warriors Family Support organization’s High Five Tour. WWFS’s annual High Five Tour picks a special vehicle to adorn in themed livery and tour throughout the country. The tour raises awareness and funds for families of military veterans who were wounded or killed in the line of duty.

Last year’s vehicle was a special 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 edition wrapped in Stars & Stripes graphics and sporting a purple heart medal on its hood as a badge of pride. The vehicle symbolizes Power, Freedom, and Independence — all qualities our veterans help provide to the United States, and qualities the WWFS hopes to give back to veterans and their families through their donations.

Learn more about Mark’s special experience, and how WWFS makes a real difference in the lives of veterans and their families by reading on.

“Miss Divine K” Shelby Mustang Tours the Country for Wounded Veterans and Their Families

The Wounded Warrior Family Support organization supports programs that provide respite services to families of wounded or killed veterans. Through product donations, programs, and assistance, the organization helps heal wounds that medicine cannot. WWFS also provides funding for programs that help veterans in need of mobility-equipped vehicles. By giving veterans access to mobility, they can retain their freedom and independence while interacting with the society they helped defend.

WWFS’s High Five Tour is one of the charity’s most successful and impactful activities. A vehicle designed to represent the values our veterans uphold tours the country at special events. Each of these events gives veterans, family members and those touched by our service personnel the chance to donate $5 and place their signature upon the vehicle. As the vehicle travels across the country, it gets covered in signatures and touching messages thanking our veterans. The end effect is powerful, overwhelming and a true testament to the impact of our heroes.

Events the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas City helped organize for last year’s High Five Tour included a cookout at Henry’s BBQ in Topeka, KS, a fundraiser at Fairfield Inn in Kansas City, MO, a commemoration at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, an appearance at the MetLife employee picnic, and a visit to the Ford Truck Plant in Claycomo, MO, among others.

Mustang Clubs Help Make the Wounded Warriors Family Support High Five Tour Happen

Colonel Folsom, a retired U.S. Marine and the founder of WWFS describes the High Five Tour as “a street-level engagement” designed to raise awareness of the impact our veterans have. It also provides an opportunity for veterans, families, and their supporters to come together as a community and share an emotional, empowering moment.

Overall, the 2016 High Five Tour travelled 26,000 miles in five months. It visited 48 states, 100 cities, and made countless stops at dealerships, hotels, Ford vehicle plants, museums, military sites, and community parks. The Tour pledged to raise at least $1 million to donate to qualified veterans for mobility equipped vehicles and family respite services. While these donations could never make up for the sacrifice our heroes offered, it is a small gesture that can improve their lives and let them know they are not forgotten.

Mustang Clubs throughout the country like the Mustang Club of Greater Kansas help the High Five Tour happen. They handle much of the logistics and planning for each stop in the gruelling tour, donating countless hours and travelling many miles to make a difference.

Our own company president, Mark Raab, feels honored to have been a part of this project and to contribute in his own small way to its success. As he said himself in a publication for the Mustang Club of America Grand National: “Club Members knew their time was well invested as it was easy to see and understand the deep sense of pride, sorrow, and gratefulness of the people of the Kansas City area.”


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