Reiner JetStamp 790MP Offers Ultimate Flexibility for Coding, Stamping Needs

If you have ever wanted a powerful, portable, and lightweight option for coding on a wide variety of product surfaces, then Reiner’s JetStamp 790MP series is the perfect product range for you. Each model offers handheld stamping of text up to two lines and 42 mm across on a variety of surfaces, including wood, cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, and more. Inks dry quickly, ensuring your coding stays legible and professional-looking with no smudges.

Best of all, Reiner JetStamp 790MP products are incredibly easy to use, making it the perfect workhorse for low-volume production lines, special orders, correcting mistakes, or any other situation where a process-line-affixed printhead will not suffice.

Learn more about what Reiner’s hand stamping products can offer by considering the following benefits below:

Rapid, Legible, Quick-Drying Printing Anywhere You Need It — Even on Irregular Surfaces!

The Reiner JetStamp is a powerful piece of equipment. Despite its manageable size, it produces high-quality printing on nearly any surface. Print directly on metal, plastic, and glossy finished paper products without having to worry about smudging thanks to quick-dry ink. Your print job is finished quickly and in one pass, leaving indelible marks behind.

The system can even print smoothly and evenly on uneven surfaces, such as the side of a PVC pill bottle. Objects small and large are easy to affix coding to, letting you work at nearly any angle to get the results you want.

Convenient and Easy-to-Use LCD Interface

The Reiner MP-series utilizes an easy-to-read LCD interface that provides all of the needed information at a glance. You can preview your print job along with selected qualities to ensure that you get the right printing every time. The system can store several jobs in its memory, allowing you to quickly change print jobs on the fly, based on your needs.

You can also store custom texts, graphics, and special functions in the system memory, meaning you can switch from coding on cardboard to printing a gorgeous custom letterhead on an invoice form with just a few button presses.

Rapid Use and Reliable Printing Capabilities

The best part about the Reiner JetStamp MP series is that you can use it on the fly to help make big jobs feel small. If you have a production line mistake — say, you printed the wrong expiration date on two dozen bottles — you can go back and fix it without having to reintroduce the bottles into the process line. You can also ship out a custom or special order with official computer-recorded coding so that the shipment stays on your radar alongside thousands of others.

For small-run facilities, the Reiner JetStamp can even replace a line-affixed printhead for rapid, repeatable coding, labeling, and more. The Reiner JetStamp 792MP, for instance, was designed specifically for in-line integration and remote operation, but with the ability to switch to handheld use.

Reiner JetStamp 790MP System Includes Everything You Need

Each Reiner JetStamp system ships with a storage/protection stand, rechargeable batteries, cables, cartridges, and the software needed to run the system from your PC. Instantly add to the capabilities of your process line, stop worrying about individual coding on hard-to-print surfaces, and add versatility overall by taking a look at the Reiner JetStamp 790MP series today!


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