Squid CoPilot 128

Squid CoPilot 128 Pitches Perfect Price Point for Hi-Resolution Printing

Manufacturers looking for the perfect solution to a production line requiring high-resolution printing up to 1.8 cm (0.7”) high can find it in the Squid Ink CoPilot 128 model. It offers a range of advanced features and scalable capabilities at a competitive price point, making it an amazingly versatile system that can meet a wide range of production needs.

Production runs from small batch to high volume can all be accommodated using the CoPilot 128’s precise touchscreen controls. Print jobs can be selected on the fly if need be, and they are designed with Squid Ink’s user-friendly Orion software. An unlimited number of CoPilot units can be coordinated using connected Ethernet or wireless systems and managed from a single Orion tablet station.

Because of these capabilities and others we have yet to mention, the CoPilot 128 makes for a perfect catch-all solution for manufacturers printing on both porous and non-porous substrates. Find out more about the CoPilot 128 — including its features, its advantages, and how you can order one for your facility today — by reading on.

Squid Ink CoPilot 128: A Powerful Printhead for Today’s Toughest Industries

Leading the pack for the Squid CoPilot 128’s laundry list of features is the system’s rugged yet precise piezo impulse printhead. The system can use oil-based, solvent-based, and UV-curable inks to accommodate a wide variety of substrates. Printing resolution can be up to 185 dpi, and the printhead is capable of outputting up to 135 ft/min of text, including the ability to coordinate with a variable speed conveyor line. An optional high-speed printhead can increase output to 200 feet/min.

Font choices include seven options for variable data printing and any Windows-compatible font for static text elements. The Orion graphical interface software supports a wide range of image file types, enabling graphics and logos to be printed up to 1.8 cm (0.7”) high. Time and date stamps can be managed autonomously thanks to the CoPilot’s internal clock.

Printheads can obtain ink from both 500 mL cartridges and bag ink systems. An optional agitator can be added to increase flow and reduce maintenance for pigment-based ink supplies.

The equipment itself is encased in tough metal and plastic housings that are adapted to even the toughest industrial environments. It can operate in a temperature range from 1°–40° C (34°–104° F) while withstanding shock and other abuses typical of a high-volume production environment.

Complete Control Using Squid Ink’s Orion Interface

Each CoPilot 128 system is capable of being self-sustainable, being operated through a 4.3” color touchscreen interface. Print messages can be loaded via USB, Ethernet, or wireless connections. The system also displays provides messages on maintenance codes, current status, job instructions, and more.

Print jobs must be designed and exported through Squid Ink’s Orion software. Squid Ink offers a Windows tablet accessory pre-loaded with Orion software that includes ruggedized housing and a mounting bracket for easy production management right from the facility floor. Multiple CoPilot print stations can be connected for coordinated production tasks or multiple print locations on a single item.

Overall, the capabilities, ease of use, and all-around versatility of the CoPilot system make it easy to recommend for a wide range of production needs. You can learn more about the system by taking a look at our CoPilot 128 product page, and you can also inquire about pricing, installation, and more when you contact an industrial printing and labeling specialist today.  Learn more about the CoPilot 128 hi-res printing system.


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