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Three Types of Thermal Printers That Keep Industrial Packagers in Business

Thermal inkjet printing (TIJ) and thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) are two critical technologies for modern packaging operations. Without them, costs and complexity of production, packaging, and distribution would go up significantly, in turn leading to increased costs for consumers and retailers. Industrial thermal printers therefore help keep operations efficient, cost-effective, and competitive in an increasingly ruthless global economy.

A few main categories of thermal-based industrial printers are particularly common. Learn about the three most important types below as well as a few product examples that could benefit your operations.

Industrial Thermal Inkjet Printers

Thermal inkjet printers use a heating element to force out drops of ink at a fast rate. The biggest benefit of thermal inkjet printing to product packagers and manufacturers is the low cost of ink and overall printing. Packaging elements like bottles and flat cartons can be marked quickly and efficiently using a minimal amount of ink while still yielding a semi-permanent, legible mark.

A stellar example of a popular thermal inkjet printer line is the Foxjet Solo Series. The models can print up to 200 fpm (feet per minute) of text and can accommodate either five lines of text or a 1 inch surface printing area depending on the model selected. FoxJet solo models are incredibly rugged and reliable and can be coordinated across multiple lines using a Marksman HHI or Marksman DUO IPC controller system.

Other thermal inkjet printer models like the Matthews MPERIA L-Series are capable of printing at a high 600 dpi resolution and have the ability to implement variable data printing jobs on an as-needed basis.

Industrial Thermal Transfer Overprinting

Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) uses selective heat patterns upon a ribbon of transferable ink in order to achieve a selected print job. The technology works exceedingly well on flexible film packaging or high-gloss substrates, making it ideal for perishable CPG packaging. Coding, “best by” dates, and other product information can be legibly and quickly transferred to packaging at a rapid rate in order to accommodate just about any product coding line.

Examples of popular TTO models include the low-profile Linx TTO model line and the rugged Daikon FlexPackPro.

Print and Apply Labeling Systems

Another common use of thermal printers can be found in highly integrated industrial print and apply labeling systems. Products like the FoxJet LS4600 series use either TTO printing or thermal inkjet printing to print labels on-demand and then apply adhesive labels to products at a continuous rate.

Integrating label printing with an industrial label applicator reduces costs by removing the need for hand-installed label ribbons as well as the possibility of overproduction of labels. The units are also highly energy efficient and simple to use, reducing the overhead caused by energy use and human errors.

Find the Ideal Industrial Thermal Printers for Your Unique Packaging Operations With Raab

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