What Types of Industrial Labeling Systems Do Most Modern Operations Use?

What Types of Industrial Labeling Systems Do Most Modern Operations Use?

Labeling is a key component of any modern packaging operation, so labeling equipment that can make label printing and application efficient is an essential investment. Product manufacturers and contract packagers interested in purchasing new industrial labeling systems can look to the following options in order to find labeling equipment that precisely meets their needs.

Table Top Labeling

Table top labeling systems use stand-alone thermal printers and adhesive paper to create labels in finite runs or on an as-needed basis. These systems are compact, making them literally capable of resting upon a table, and they are highly cost effective compared to many alternatives.

However, their capacity for extended label production is limited compared to a larger system. They also frequently are constrained to using only black ink and a range of templates to create label designs. These constraints make them ill-suited for custom labeling of products for end consumers.

But, table top labeling systems are perfect for internal or client-facing labeling applications. For instance, an operation can use a table top labeler like the Zebra 105SL to label cases, pallets, individual raw materials like conduit, and custom orders. They could also be used for non-consumer-facing products, such as labeling a piece of brewing equipment for purchase by a microbrewery.

Pre-Printed Rolls and Label Applicators

Label applicators allow packaging and labeling operations to move away from manual label application to an automatic system. This upgrade not only significantly reduces overhead while increasing throughput, but it also allows for integration within a constantly flowing packaging line.

Products like the FoxJet LS4750 label applicator system automatically remove labels, apply them, and secure them to the product through either a mechanical tamp pad or a blow applicator. Upgrading your production line to such a system can allow you to label up to 800 products per minute while saving you on labor, energy, and raw materials.

Print and Apply Labeling Systems

Print and apply labeling systems combine label printing and application for a seamless, highly integrated packaging process. Equipment such as the Videojet 9550 can print 19.7 inches per second and apply labels to as many as 350 packs per minute when integrated into the proper packaging environment.

Having a print-and-apply system allows for labels to be printed on demand rather than in pre-printed rolls. This convenient arrangement eliminates the need for advance production and later storage of label ribbons, significantly reducing costs for operations. There is also no need to manually change out label reels if a job change is needed, increasing throughput and efficiency while reducing the need for maintenance and labor. Also, automated systems decrease the incidence of operator error, preventing re-work and waste.

Overall, print and apply labeling systems offer the maximum efficiency, convenience, throughput and control for industrial packaging and labeling operations.

Find the Perfect Industrial Labeling Systems for Your Operational Needs

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