Squid SQ-50F Fiber Laser Coding System

Squid SQ-50F Fiber Laser Coding System

Squid Ink’s SQ-50F fiber laser coding system is designed for high speed automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace, and other primary coding applications. The SQ-50F laser can permanently mark onto ceramics, plastics, matte metals, rubber, composite material, and more.

  • Fiber laser coding system

  • 50W model

  • Static or continuous marking modes

  • No inks or solvents – environmentally friendly and cost-effective

  • Scribing technology produces non-dot matrix, razor sharp marks on a variety of substrates

  • Ability to mix different fonts and logos in a single message

  • Discrete coding ability for anti-counterfeiting and traceability

  • Multiple line coding allows for flexible message programming

  • Ideal coding alternative where CIJ systems are not practical

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